Meet Malika

My name is Malika Yasmin and I love food, simple food, real food, and superfoods. I am a wife and mother of two. My journey through motherhood has led me to a journey seeking optimal health and overall wellness, and I am passionate about sharing healthy recipes that are easy and encouraging. I believe in order to obtain good health we must eat well, simplify life as much as possible, create happiness for ourselves & others, and maintain a purpose in life. Visit my website or my Instagram for recipes, tips and more! 




I love using moringa for all its benefits. It’s nutritionally dense, which makes it convenient to work into my daily routine. I see food as fuel, delicious fuel. I try to use it as a way to not just survive but to thrive daily. As a busy mom of two, it supports my constant use of energy.



Make It Green

It can be as simple as a moringa latte in the morning, or a delicious green smoothie bowl to get us all where we need to be in our day. In order to maintain my routine, it must be simple. Here’s an easy recipe even kids love! 



Moringa Smoothie Bowl

Simply Blend up all ingredients and add them to a small bowl. The trick is allowing your smoothie bowl to freeze a bit longer by sticking it back into the freezer while you choose and chop your toppings. Bananas, chia seeds, strawberries and some chewy mulberries never disappoint. #ALLYOUGOTTADOIS keep it simple.