Let’s face it, this marathon that we are all in is exhausting.  It’s frustrating too. When this started back in March, we were under the perception that it might be a sprint.  We’re 7 months in, the seasons are starting to change, and our mindset and our routines have been altered, somewhat decimated or abandoned.  Where do we find the energy or the added motivation to exercise?  To stay healthy?   To finish our To Do List? To stay balanced?

It’s a struggle and beyond tough. I’ve been on a pandemic diet that has seen me yo-yo plus minus 6 pounds in either direction.  And now many of us have realized that the way to deal with this Imbalance, with these anxieties and with the unknowns of Covid is to re-balance and to re-focus.  

*Real moringa stories are brought to you from our moringa superfans who want to share their personal experiences with the greater community. We are grateful to our Kuli Kuli Collective members, and their dedication and passion to superfoods that nourish the world!

Balance of Mind, Spirit and Body in the Age of Covid

In the middle of all of this noise and distractions, how does one cope? I’ve started a new routine and it’s called walking. It’s really enhanced walking to me, which can last from 45 to 85 minutes, depending on the podcast(s) I’m listening to.

I find that walking around 6 am in the morning gives me a sense of stillness and peacefulness that prepares me for the uncertainty of the day. And I’ve been able to listen to a wide variety of topics that I normally don’t:  history of mathematics, plant-based business hour, Freakonomics radio, race relations, Latino Founder hours, etc.

And in the course of this journey, I found myself gravitating more towards health, wellness and food podcasts for which many talk about and educate about plant based and vegan options.  I’m what you could call a FlexiTarian — a Vegan-Curious Consumer. I don’t adhere to a vegan lifestyle, but I have a curious palate and willingness to indulge. What has mesmerized me are the tremendous leaps made in terms of texture, taste and consistency. Long gone are the Tofu for all days, all occasions, all cuisines mantra.

Moringa and #MeatlessMondays

So I’ve been slowly gravitating and strongly encouraging my family to continue to celebrate #MeatlessMondays but to have them on a more regular basis, even if it’s not Monday. And it totally makes sense, since every day feels like a Blursday.

Moringa Smoothie with coconut flakes and mint

Moringa is great in fruity smoothies.

So part of the re-balancing involves being totally present with my family during dinner time –without electronic devices.  In the morning, we have power smoothies and/or vitamins every other day.  These days, I’ve also added moringa on a rotational basis to other foods — I sprinkle it on my hummus, on my honey mustard and soy sauce dressing, I even added it to the chayote onion, curry, cheese stuffing that I make.

We are grateful. We remind each other that we are very fortunate and that we can continue with the majority of our lifestyle habits during the surrealness we are living.   What irritates us are inconveniences — that is all.  And of course, we continue to binge on Netflix to distract our minds. We’re currently on Season 4 of “Shameless” and hooked….. Sending blessings to you for continued balance, tranquility and #MoringaAnyDay kind of days!

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How do you find balance these days? Let us know in the comments below!pedestrian walking on asphalt on sunny day

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