s'more marshmallowsSummer and campfires, chocolate and marshmallows – there aren’t many combinations better than that! To celebrate National S’mores Day, why not make some homemade, chocolate dipped marshmallows and sprinkle them with moringa to add taste and nutrition. If that’s too big of a project for you, we’ve put together an icy cold moringa s’more smoothie for you instead.

There are a couple ways to make homemade marshmallows. One is healthy, vegan, and GAPS-friendly; the other is standard, but delicious. If you’ve never made homemade marshmallows before, get ready to be blown away by the difference and never go back to store-made again!

Vegan marshmallows: http://wellnessmama.com/6423/healthy-marshmallows/

Homemade marshmallows: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/homemade-marshmallows-recipe.html

If you’re not into the whole fluff making process, there are some great vegan marshmallows that you can buy at a health food store.

Now that you have some marshmallows, let’s get dipping!


  • Double-boiler/metal bowl
  • Baking sheet
  • Chocolate (chips, bars, or melts – they all work; I prefer dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips)
  • Pure Moringa Vegetabl Powder
  • Crushed graham crackers
  • Crushed nuts (optional – I had almonds in my cupboard)

In separate shallow dishes, set up crushed nuts, graham crackers, and moringa for dipping. You can also combine all three ingredients if you want each marshmallow to be uniform.image1-1

Then, use a double-boiler (or a metal bowl over a pot of boiling water) to melt down some chocolate, making sure to stir regularly. I use a silicone spatula for this part.

image5After the chocolate has melted and is uniform, turn the heat off. Dip your marshmallows into the chocolate one-by-one and place on baking sheet. Option to line your baking sheet with parchment paper to make for easy clean up.

Before the chocolate cools completely, sprinkle or dip the chocolate-covered marshmallows in any combination of graham crackers, nuts, and sprinkle generously with moringa powder. Now you’ve got moringa inspired, s’more treats!


If you want to go the smoothie route, here’s how to do it.


  • 8 oz Almond milk (or other alternative or low-fat milk option)
  • 1 ½ Tbsp Raw cacao powder (I substituted cacao nibs)
  • 1 Tbsp Moringa powder
  • 3 tsp Agave (or other sweetener)
  • ½ cup of ice
  • 1 sheet Graham crackers (broken into pieces)
  • Marshmallows, cut into small pieces (for garnish)
  • Cocoa nibs (for garnish, optional)


  1. Blend the almond milk, raw cacao powder, moringa powder, agave, ice, and half the graham crackers together.
  2. Garnish with graham cracker pieces, marshmallows, and cocoa nibs.
  3. Enjoy!

Happy National S’more Day!


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