Running around one of the biggest food trade shows in the world dressed as a moringa superhero is a sure-fire way to make some friends! When moringa was named the superfood of 2018, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress as the superheros of superfood during the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

While “flying” around the showrooms we passed foods of all kinds—meats, whole rooms of cheeses, so…many…cookies—on a mission to tell everyone about moringa. Along the way we met so many incredible companies and tried countless delicious products.

Here’s the Moringa League’s shortlist of the best of Winter Fancy Food Show 2018—with a special nod towards foods that pair perfectly with moringa!

1) Drinkable Soups

Drinkable soups? Aren’t all soups technically drinkable? A few companies are now making pureed soup mixtures in bottles you keep in your fridge. Think of it as a savory, nutritious juice! Our favorite drinkable soup is ZÜPA NOMA. They’re certified organic, use every part of the vegetables and fruits they blend and include superfoods in every bottle. How good would a moringa-infused gazpacho be?

2) Kombucha

There were a lot of kombucha companies on the showroom floor this year, but none could compare to our friends over at Heath-Ade. Their incredible product is organic, non-GMO, kosher, raw, vegan, & gluten-free! Moringa easily adds a nutritious boost to everything from soups to smoothies—adding it to kombucha would make for a probiotic power-house.

 3) Plant-Based Dairy

Plant-based dairy products were all the rave this show, but kite hill stole our green hearts. They make artisan cheeses, cream cheeses, yogurts and pastas made 100% dairy-free. Because moringa is a complete plant protein, many vegans use it to add a plant-based protein boost to their meals. kite hill’s plain greek yogurt + moringa would be a perfect pairing—a great way to add greens to breakfast.

 4) Vegan & Non-Dairy Condiments

2018 is a great year to be vegan! There were a few vegan and non-dairy condiment companies. Our favorite was Follow Your Heart. Their most famous product is Veganaise (a vegan mayonnaise), but they also have incredible salad dressings, dips and sauces perfect for a plant-based diet. How good would moringa be added to a vegan dip? 

5) Moringa (of Course!)

On the first day of the show, we were setting up and one of the organizers walked up to our booth and said, “Oh moringa! This year the show is all about moringa!” We introduced our new Organic Green Smoothie Mix (soon to be in stores and online). You can try all of our products sampled at the show on our website.


Have you tried any of these listed trends or food companies? Comment below: