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Benefits of Internet Radio for Broadcasters

Give Your Community a Voice

Organise local events, support local business and promote your community and culture to a worldwide audience.

Support Broadcasters

Provide a space for young and aspiring broadcasters to grow and develop their skills, and reignite the passion of experienced DJs and presenters.

Creative Freedom

Work outside of the constraints and restrictions of regulatory bodies like Ofcom and make the radio that you want to hear, no compromises.

Inspire Your Local Music Scene

Give local up-and-coming artists an opportunity to showcase their music like never before; to an audience of over 3 billion people worldwide.

Should I Start an Online Radio Station?

DJs, presenters and producers are turning to the world of online broadcasting like never before, shunning the creatively restrictive and exclusive nature of mainstream FM broadcasters. Online radio allows you to expose your community to a worldwide audience they would never reach otherwise and bring a little piece of home with you wherever you go.

Accessible to Anyone

Online broadcasting is accessible like mainstream broadcasting has never been. No longer do you need to be ‘in the know’ to get an entry level internship. No longer do you need to be restricted by archaic regulations. Now those new to radio and seasoned broadcasters alike can run their own station how they want, wherever they want.

Not only is online radio accessible to broadcasters, it’s incredibly easy for listeners to join in all across the world. Through smartphones, anyone can become part of your community through our customisable apps and websites, and anyone can bring their favourite station with them anywhere they go.

Community Building

Grow a radio family around your station and connect your local community with events and fundraisers. Support local businesses through advertising and inspire local musicians by giving them a platform that wouldn’t be accessible to them anywhere else.

Encourage young members of your community to actively involve themselves in radio work and develop technical and social skills for the future, as well as educating them on the importance of local culture.

Establish Your Brand

Cultivate a unique brand all of your own with our iOS and Android app and website builders.

Establish an identity for your station to give your listeners a completely new experience that highlights the best of what your station, and your community, has to offer.

Case Study: Melodic Distraction

Learn about how Melodic Distraction established themselves as a radio powerhouse in Liverpool and inspired a resurgence in the independent music scene.

icon--video-button Melodic distraction case study studio

10 Reasons to Broadcast with

10. The Complete Package equips you with all the tools you need to set up a full station in minutes, as well as build your own unique apps for iOS and Android, as well as a full website to act as a hub for your listeners to stay connected.

9. Easy User Interface

Our site was designed to be easy for everyone to use, from beginners to radio veterans. Uploading your tacks, building playlists and scheduling shows has never been an easier, intuitive experience.

8. Schedule Shows in Advance

Broadcast live, or with our Bronze plan and up you can use our voice tracking features to pre-record shows in advance and schedule them to broadcast automatically.

7. Complete Control as Station Manager

You don’t need to worry about any DJs or presenters disrupting your schedule with unplanned broadcasts; as Station Manager you can schedule specific time slots for your DJs to broadcast in. Unless they are scheduled, they are unable to broadcast through your station.

6. Dedicated Support

Our support team is available to answer any queries you may have and help with any issues you may face. Telephone support is included with our Gold plan, as well as a named account manager with our Pro plan, to take all hassle off of your hands.

5. Fully Transparent Pricing

With clear and simple pricing, makes sure you get the most out of your plan. If you're ever in doubt or got a question, we're just a message away.

4. Showcase Local Artists

With independent music venues becoming rarer by the year, local up-and-coming musicians have few places to demonstrate their talent and express themselves. Give them the opportunity to develop and grow an audience through your station.

3. Organise Events & Fundraisers

Use your station as a platform to bring your community together with events exhibiting local talent, promotion of local businesses and fundraisers.

2. Creative Freedom

Online radio isn’t bound by the restrictions set by regulatory bodies like Ofcom, so give your creative vision the freedom it deserves. Cover what you want, when you want, and let your community speak its voice without limits.

1. Bring a Piece of Home Wherever you Go

Members of your community can stay connected and in the loop anywhere in the world thanks to smartphones making internet radio accessible to everyone. Coupled with our app and website builders, they can take the full experience of your station wherever they want.

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