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Benefits of Internet Radio for Publishers

User-Friendly Interface

Making radio easy; be set up and ready in minutes, even if you have no experience in radio.

Connect with Readers

Reach out, feature their voices and let your readers be heard.

Create an Atmosphere

Define your brand by playing the music you want, when you want.

Attract a New Audience

Use radio to reach people who would never usually interact with text-based material.

Should I Start a Magazine Radio Station?

Being a publisher isn’t as simple as it used to be. Readers aren’t going to be coming to you exclusively for text-based content anymore and expect variety in the types of media they experience. The media landscape is packed with podcasts, streaming services, independent creators and more all vying for your reader’s attention, and it can be difficult to know how to keep your audience engaged. Happily, is here to offer you a simple, user-friendly solution so you can continue producing innovative, daring content that captivates your readers.

A Different Type of Content

Operating a radio station gives you a platform to showcase audio content covering a variety of topics. Radio doesn’t always have to be DJ’s and pop music; documentaries, interviews and features can all be produced and featured as part of your broadcasts. By cutting out the visual aspect of production, audio features are much quicker to make than video content, and with a greatly reduced cost, meaning you can create the same quality content your readers have come to expect, without the hassle.

Alongside this, gives you the ability to record and archive any shows you broadcast, so you get as much value as possible by making your work easily accessible and shareable to your audience.

Faster Turnaround

Do you cover all the latest news and events from around the globe? Then you know that the period of time between the news breaking and publishing the article is crucial. Everyone wants to be first on the scene. With radio, you can cut out the writing and editing process that eats so much time and instead cover news as it’s happening with live broadcasts and news segments.

Having a dedicated station manager allows them to interrupt broadcasts whenever needed to report the latest news. Even if they’re away from their work station, they can connect remotely via their phone, making sure your listeners never miss out on what’s going on.

Synergise Your Brand

People love to see consistency and familiarity; they want to trust and recognise quality from their favourite publishers. Demonstrate your quality as a publisher by establishing a tone and standard all your content meets. Radio gives you another avenue to cement your identity as a publisher people can rely on, no matter what you produce.


Radio lets you advertise to an audience of engaged listeners quickly and easily. Sponsors will have a receptive audience who may have never encountered them through your regularly published content.

Alongside the benefits your sponsors will receive, radio is a fantastic way to promote merchandise, new articles, events and documentaries you may have upcoming. Become your own best sponsor.

Radio Everybody

The Global Goals charity created pop up radio stations that attracted over 200 million listeners and helped raise awareness for their cause.

icon--video-button Radio Everyone Case Study

10 Reasons to Broadcast with

10. User-Friendly Interface

Anyone can get to grips with in a matter of minutes, even with no prior radio experience.

9. Full Automation

Our advanced voice tracking features let you record and schedule shows weeks, months, even years in advance so you’re never off air or worrying about radio silence.

8. Incredible Support

Our support team is here to assist you with any issues you may experience. Our Gold plan includes telephone support, with a named account manager being included as part of our exclusive Pro plan.

7. Dedicated Station Manager

You assign a single, reliable person as manager of your station, granting them control of the schedule and which DJ’s can operate at any one time, so you don’t need to worry about interruptions or DJ’s hijacking each others shows.

6. App Builders

Spread your brand with our iOS and Android app builders, as well as web players you can embed in any of your sites.

5. Advertise

Merch, sponsors, events, features. Advertise what you want to an engaged, receptive audience.

4. Accessibility

Radio offers a new way for people to discover your content and drive traffic to your site. Draw in people who wouldn’t normally interact with text-based content.

3. New Kinds of Content

Expand the scope of your content by creating audio features and documentaries that your listeners can go back to again and again.

2. Outreach

Organise events and speak to readers in a way you never could before.

1. Synergy

Solidify your brand as a multimedia titan, able to produce any content to the same standard people have come to expect from you.

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