Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8th was International Women’s Day, but the whole month is Women’s History Month! Here are 10 creative and fun ways to celebrate women this month. From supporting woman-owned business to wearing red, there’s lots of easy ways to show your appreciation for women.

Feel free to share with any of the amazing people in your life. You can also share this post and a special note of gratitude, for a woman in your life who has made a positive difference. 


Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Women:

1. Support women in business!

Focus on buying from female-owned and operated businesses this month. Whether they are online or in your hometown, find companies that are run by women, and that help to support other women. Kuli Kuli is a great example of a female-owned and operated company. Lisa Curtis started Kuli Kuli in 2014 after discovering the amazing moringa plant while in the PeaceCorps in Africa. In addition to being a female-owned and operated company, Kuli Kuli also supports women farmers in West Africa, by providing a sustainable livelihood and uplifting their communities.

2. Donate to a local women’s refuge center.

Many women are struggling to provide for themselves and their families due to lack of resources. When you donate, you give some of these women a chance to transform their lives. Even the act of donating nice clothing, food, and money to a local shelter can go a long way. If you can’t give resources, consider donating your time. A lot of centers take volunteers, especially for special events. You can search Women’s Shelter to locate an organization near you.

3. Get involved with a women’s networking group.

Strong women build each other up by supporting one another—imagine a world built on interdependence! A networking group is a way for people to connect with each other, so that everyone can find success and share strategies. Networking groups are excellent ways to make new connections with other women and support each other’s endeavors. Meetup has many women’s networking groups posted. Leave us a comment below if you are excited about a group near you!

Grandmother, mother, and daughter time

4. Spend time with the most important women in your life.

Whether this is your mom, grandma, wife, sister, or your best friend(s), devote some quality time with the people who help you feel your best—even at your worst. Which women helped shape you into the resilient and determined person you are? Reach out to them, schedule a catchup call, or make plans to see each other. Perhaps it’s  a girls night in. Why not curl up with popcorn and watch your favorite show together? Or take time to have a gratitude circle, and tell those women what makes them special to you. If expressing your gratitude verbally feels awkward, consider a handwritten letter. It goes a long way.

5. Achieve a goal and celebrate yourself!

We all need to celebrate the wins in our life – big and small. Any goal that is accomplished is a BIG win! So whether it’s making your bed in the morning or getting that promotion, celebrate the accomplishment! When was the last time you celebrated yourself? It’s probably been a while. Let’s change that.

6. Spend time doing something just for you.

Piggy-backing off of #5, do something that is just for you, and doesn’t involve caring for someone else. Women are good caretakers of others, but often times we forget to take care of ourselves too. Go get your nails and hair done, read in a local park, watch movies with a strong female lead—or maybe just spend the day in bed, guilt-free with take-out ordered! Self-care is vital. Whatever activity brings you complete joy and calm, do it.

7. Invest in yourself.

Adult female enjoying pottery

There is no better investment than prioritizing yourself. Sign up for a conference that will help further your career. Attend a workshop on a subject that you are interested in, maybe attend a class on a new hobby you want to get into. Attend a personal development seminar or search for upcoming workshops that pique your interest.

8. Learn about women that have had an influence or made history.

There are so many amazing, strong, courageous women that have helped to shape and shift the way women are viewed today. Spend some time this month getting to know some of the original “influencers.” Learn about them, honor them, and follow their lead.

9. Wear red!

Red is the color of women’s month, so throw on a red shirt, dress, skirt, or necklace on March 8th to show your support. Make an effort to wear a little red every day during the month of March.

10. Do something nice for a woman in your life without letting her know it was you!

Not only will this make her feel special and loved, but you will also feel a sense of happiness knowing that you were responsible.


There are so many ways to honor the women in our collective lives. When was the last time you let one of the women in your life know what they mean to you? Now is a great time.

Woman outside in sunshine

Celebrate the women in your life!

How will you be celebrating Women’s History Month? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your plans.


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