Meet Pamela 

Meet Pamela, a social entrepreneur and Kuli Kuli Moringa Supplier. Pamela works in her home country Uganda. She connects farmers and women’s coops with sustainable moringa farming. Pamela also launched a successful nonprofit that funds a local school. We admire all of Pamela’s incredible work!

Women like Pamela challenge the status quo by creating livelihoods for women and rural farmers. We hope you read her story as a key moringa supplier. And please, share Pamela’s story with people in your life who inspire you.

When we empower women economically, we are also empowering the entire community. -Pamela Soroti


Moringa Miracle Maker and Supplier: Pamela Anyoti Peronaci

Our Moringa Miracle Makers are a powerful group of change-makers. Pamela loves the health benefits of the moringa plant, and wants to help others access its amazing, energy-giving properties. Pamela loves the moringa plant—especially cooking with it! She even runs a weekly cooking class that showcases its variety of uses. Pamela says she has enough recipes for a moringa-themed cookbook. We cannot wait for that to manifest!

When it comes to food, presentation is everything to Pamela. As she says, it’s important to “please the eye before the taste buds.” Thus, her dishes are beautiful and tantalizing. 

Pamela with farmers in Uganda.

Pamela’s journey intersected with Kuli Kuli after she received her master’s degree in the United Kingdom, and traveled around the world. When Pamela returned to Uganda, she wanted to build bridges between farmers and consumers. Farmers were producing, but lacked the resources to get their products into the right hands.

Today, Pamela’s efforts have supported over 11,000 farmers, a majority of whom are women.

She summarizes the power of this shift with her statement, “When we empower women economically, we are also empowering the entire community.”


Pamela’s Nonprofit

Asante Mama is a non-profit that enriches the livelihoods of farmers by offering an ethical supply chain for teas, spices, and cocoa. Pamela started Asante Mama as a way to train farmers in sustainable and organic practices. Asante Mama also supports farmers with fair incomes. 

The words “Asante Mama” mean “thank you mama” in swahili. This nonprofit supports farmers so that their products can get to market. It also helps fund a school that educates over 1,200 students. It’s a positive cycle: farmers can afford an education for their children because of partnerships—like the one with Kuli Kuli!

Moringa is good for health, good for community, and good for education. -Pamela Soroti

Kuli Kuli is grateful to work with amazing farmers, entrepreneurs, and women. By importing moringa to the US for our products, we’ve helped create an international market for moringa. Communities around the world have felt the “lift” of sustainable moringa farming. 

Pamela Soroti (right) with farmers.

With the rise in demand for moringa, an increase in production and consequential consumption happens in the villages growing moringa. Kuli Kuli provides an incentive for communities that struggle with malnutrition, and a reason to invest in a nutrient-dense plant.

Moringa is a plant that can nourish communities with nutrition and a sustainable, reliable income. 


Pamela and Women Like Pamela

Kuli Kuli partners with each moringa supplier as a way to uplift entire communities. People like Pamela inspire us and affirm the positive impact that moringa can have for women around the world.

For more, you can watch a short video about Pamela below:  

Each moringa supplier has a ripple effect on their community. To date, Kuli Kuli has planted over 12 million moringa trees and partnered with over 2,400 farmers. We’ve also provided more than $4M in income to women-led farming cooperatives and family farms. 

Kuli Kuli has also invested over $20,000 in supporting nonprofits in the communities where we work.


Thank you to our supporters, customers, suppliers, and our farmers like Pamela, as we unite on this journey to empower women across the world.


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